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Auto wheel hub bearings
The advantages of double Row angular contact ball bearings used in the wheel of automobile:
 High quality material.
Series of automobile wheel bearings manufactured by our company using high quality material. Inner ring, outer ring and steel balls are made of high quality vacuum melting steel, the quality of the steel is same as Germany 100Cr6 and Japan SUJ2.The polyamide cages are made of imported high quality polyamide. wheel bearing, front wheel bearing
 Clearance adjustment is not necessary during the installation.
As the design of the bearing has an appropriate clearances setting therefore the clearances adjustment is not necessary, but clearances is essential to be adjusted when installing a single row angular contact ball bearing. Once the bearing has been mounted, just follow the regulation to tight up the screw.
 No need to fill in lubricative grease during installation.
An appropriate amount of lubricative grease has been filled into the bearing. The bearing is waterproof and it has a thermal resistance of 150 °C.
High operation efficiency.
Simple structure and simplified the installation. wheel bearing, front wheel bearing
The bearing has a compact design and high rigidity.
No need to use with any partition and minimize the space that axial occupied, so using with a high rigidity short axial is a good idea.
High load carrying capacity.
The bearing can burden axial and radial load coming from both direction at the same time.
 High impact resistant.
The design of the bearing has a big contact angle, a large distance between two center of pressure coefficient , as a result, it can accommodate the impact force produced by vehicle turning and other motion activities.
High sealing performance.
Since the bearing sealed by using contact form, so it would not affected by the dust and prevent grease leakage.
Reliable and long service life
1、We produce bearing's ring by using rolling and forming technique in order to increase the service life.
2、The design of the bearings is a non-separable type, it creates less friction and vibrating noise.
3、The bearing is easy to install, small size, lightweight and high load carrying capacity. wheel bearing, front wheel bearing

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